As a memorial to my departed partner, Stuart Miller, I have posted his excellent 1972 Bob Gaudio interview on Radio Gazette.
At one time this interview was available as a 2 CD set, so I am posting the CD insert, track list and CD labels, to give all that visit a feel for the entire interview package. Stuart, at the time, had hopes that his interview might be carried on UK radio, but that never came to pass. Click on the Radio Gazette icon below.
See, and read about Charles Alexander's environmental video based on the Four Seasons song "What About Tomorrow."
Click here to see the video and read Charles' story.
Audio and pictorial coverage of the October 25, 2008 Raleigh convention here.
It may take a few moments for the pictures to pre-load, so please be patient.
Nick Massi tribute web site is up, created by Nick's daughter Patti Massi-Candeliere. Visit here.
Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons - Tribute On Ice   Videos
Universal Music Group has released "Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - The Motown Years"
Two CD set, details and ordering information at
Collectors' Choice Music, entire Frankie Valli solo album catalog (except for that which is owned by Universal Motown).
These are being issued as 2 albums on each CD:
"Solo/Timeless" - "Our Day Will Come/Lady Put The Light Out" - "Close Up/Valli" - "Is The Word/Heaven Above Me"
Order through CC Music, or
Read a report on Frankie Valli's Man of the Year evening, with pics.
Read, Hear, and See about a special evening dedicated to Joe Long.

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