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Friends of Frank Castelluccio
Saturday October 25, 2008 - Holiday Inn - Raleigh, NC
      Audio (mp3 files)
  1. Charles Alexander: Opening

  2. Frank Rovello: Demetri intro

  3. Frank Rovello: Joe intro

  4. Frank Rovello: Diane Albert message

  5. Joe Long: He Speaks, We Listen

  6. Demetri Callas: A Class Act

  7. Q&A: Joe Joins The Seasons

  8. Q&A Demetri Joins The seasons

  9. Q&A: Demetri's first recording

10.Demetri Callas: On Leaving The Seasons

11.Q&A: Life and Breath

12.Q&A: Gold record?

13.Joe Long: Lost Gold

14. Q&A: Tommy's Fools Gold

15. Q&A: TV Shows and Ed Sullivan

16. Q&A: Chameleon

17. Demetri Callas: Al Ruzicka and Bob Gaudio

18. Joe Long: Under My Skin

19. Q&A: Working With Nick Massi

20. Q&A: Write Own Parts

21. Q&A: Artie Schroeck and The Lorings

22. Q&A: Stephen Crane Village

23. Q&A: Favorite Songs

24. Joe Long: Joe's Great Trip At The Empire Room

25. Demetri Callas: Demetri and the Elevator

26. Q&A: Assimilation Problems

27. Q&A: How Many Takes

28. Q&A: I Wonder Why

29. Q&A: Artie Schroeck and Al Loring

30. Q&A: Recording Session


Handouts placed on each table.
Handout #1 - Agenda (front & back)
Handout #2 - Four Seasons - sketches
Handout #3 - 1987 Time Magazine article
Handout #4 - 4x6 picture of Joe & Demetri

Messages and guest introductions in text form.
Message from Bob Gaudio & Frankie Valli
Demetri Callas introduction
Joe Long introduction and message from Diane Albert

Audio treats.
Joe Long - Part 1, Part 2
Demetri Callas tribute - Flop Eared Mule
Joe Long Tribute - Joe's Four Seasons singles medley

Courtesy of Philip Bergman, Lynn Boleyn, Paul Breines, Greg Guillot, Russ McClelland,
Al Pucino, Frank Rovello, and Mike Seldin.

Friday October 24, 2008, Joe and Demetri arrive
Joe is greeted by John Hornsby
Saturday October 25, 2008, hands in the pile of swap goodies
A nice pile of loot
George Juba has his and he's running to hide it
Jack Adrian and Art Rickless show off their stash
Chris Miller says outta my way
John Cotrofeld, Ron Gardner, Lynn Boleyn, Jim Huggard, Mike Miller, Greg Guillot, George Juba
Get outta my way, no you get outta my way, no you...
John Hornsby opens things up
Joe and Demetri look on as Charles Alexander asks "now coach?"
Joe, Demetri, Charles and Frank Rovello
John speaks while Joe and Demetri look on
Charles reads a message from Bob Gaudio and Frankie Valli
Frank, Joe, and Demetri
Joe and Demetri
Joe speaks out
Demetri is humbled
Demetri walks around to shake everyone's hand
Demetri still shaking hands
Joe, if you squint like this you'll be able to read that
Hey, shut up over there, I'm talkin'
Demetri looks on with admiration as Joe rambles on
Demetri out dressed us all
I'ma gonna say my name, Giuseppe Luigi Vincenzo LaBracio
1976 fan club poster
25th Anniversary Collection poster
Rare UK issued Chameleon poster
Hello Russ
Tom DeCillis, Mike and Chris Miller
Dave Fuzie, Bill Bozeman, Greg Guillot
Dave Fuzie, Bill Bozeman, Lynn Boleyn
Bill Spollen, Kay Poliska
Joe, Demetri, Lynn
Demetri makes a point
Demetri does Frankie Valli
Chris and Mike Miller
Lynn Boleyn
Art Rickless, Philip Bergman
Jim Huggard, John Pingree, Judy Sanchez, Lynn Boleyn, Ray and Avril Nichol
Mike and Toni Seldin, Cheryl McDaniel, Pat McFadden
Vickie Mendez, Bob Tribby
John Cotrofeld, George Juba, Art Rickless
Mike and Toni Seldin
Hey George, what'd you put in my drink? I'm getting sleepy
Frank Kalian, Al Pucino, Jack Adrian, Jose Sanchez, Greg Guillot, Bill Spollen
John Hornsby and Joe Long
Joe Long, Jim Huggard, Frank Carolla
Avril Nichol and John Hornsby
Demetri, Joe, Mike Seldin, Greg Johnston, Cheryl McDaniel, Pat McFadden
Hey Demetri!
Pat McFadden and Joe
John and Frank
Al Pucino and Joe
Al Pucino and Demetri
Demetri and Paul Breines
Joe and Tom DeCillis
George Juba and Demetri
Charles, Russ, Demetri, Frank
Joe, Sandy Butterworth, Ron Gardner, Demetri
Charles congratulates Chameleon Cup winner Jim Huggard
Chameleon Cup winners: Ron Gardner, John Cotrofeld, Charles, Jim Huggard, John Hornsby
Jim Huggard and John Pingree inspect Jim's Chameleon winning prize
Bob Gaudio's note to Jim Huggard
Bob Gaudio's note to the main man John Hornsby
Ray Nichol tells his story
Russ thanks all for attending
Group shot
Judy Sanchez, Al Pucino, Frank Kalian
Jose and Judy Sanchez, Al Pucino, Philip Bergman smiles in the background
Demetri and John, Jack Adrian in the foreground
Joe and Demetri
Jose and Judy Sanchez, Mike Miller, Chris Miller, Art Rickless
Lynn Boleyn, Philip Bergman, Dave Fuzie, Pat McFadden, Cheryl McDaniel, Bob Tribby, Avril and Ray Nichol
Shelly Breines, Greg Guillot, Frank Rovello, Jose and Judy Sanchez, John Cotrofeld, Charles Alexander, Sandy Butterworth
John Pingree, Bill Bozeman, Demetri, John Hornsby
Pssst! Let's blow this joint, we'll go back to the hotel and play in the elevator
31. Q&A: Motown List of Songs

32. Q&A: Lynn's gift

33. Q&A: Joe Long: Genuine Imitation Life Gazette

34. Charles Alexander: GILG and the true fan

35. Q&A: GILG promotion

36. Charles Alexander: More on GILG

37. Q&A: Joe makes an impression

38. Demetri does Frankie (you had to be there)

39. Charles Alexander: After the lottery

40. Charles Alexander: Chameleon Cup winners

41. Ray Nichol

42. Frank Rovello

43. Joe Long: The speech therapist

44. Jim Huggard

45. Paul Breines

46. Jack Adrian

47. Al Pucino

48. Joe Long: Seasons open for Sinatra

49. Joe Long: Sinatra word of wisdom

50. Mike Seldin

51. John Hornsby: Kudos to Steve Bailey

52. Philip Bergman

53. Kay Poliska

54. Lynn Boleyn

55. Cheryl McDaniel

56. John Hornsby: Closing statement

57. Frank Rovello: Closing statement

58. Russ McClelland: Closing statement

59. Charles Alexander: Closing statement